Sales Support


virtual-sales-support-DFWWhether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a sales team, you know how valuable sales support is to closing the sale and maintaining customer satisfaction. It’s not possible for you to be everywhere at once and timing is critical. Whether you need customer service support or help managing your vendors; when you use Virtual Dawn for your sales support needs you can rest assured nothing will fall through the cracks.

Virtual Dawn offers sales support in the following areas:

Quality customer service is critical to continued business success. Your company’s reputation is only as good as your last customer’s opinion. As an extension of your business Virtual Dawn treats your customers as if they were my own. Respecting your clients and keeping them satisfied is my highest sales-support-DFWpriorities when I:

  • Place your orders for promotional items, holiday gifts, office supplies, furniture, etc.
  • Fulfill customer orders
  • Process and/or forwarding orders for shipment
  • Track shipments
  • Process credit card transaction (including PayPal)
  • Provide customer service via email and by telephone (US and Canada)
vendorJust as important as your relations with your customers, are you relations with your vendors. Virtual Dawn serves as the liaison with your vendors, manage customer service issues/returns, and maintains a firm, but respectful relationship with your vendors to ensure an environment of mutual respect.

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