Travel Arrangements


more office assistance virtual dawnToday’s global economy means businesses of all shapes and sizes need to travel. Whether it’s for sales calls, meeting with out of state vendors, or attending conferences, business travel is a necessity. Booking your travel online has become a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have a wide variety of online travel companies offering you a variety of discounts and travel packages. On the other hand, all of these options can get confusing and cause you to waste countless hours trying to figure out if you’re choosing the right travel package for your particular situation.

Let Virtual Dawn take care of your travel arrangements and you can say good-bye to the “travel rabbit hole” that’s putting a strain on your already overburdened schedule. Virtual Dawn will:

  • Comparison shop for best rates on fares, hotels, and car rentals
  • Book airline, hotel, train, and car reservations
  • Research out of town activities and make necessary arrangements
  • Book taxi, limousine or car service
  • Register clients in frequent flyer programs
  • Create a profile in programs such as Expedia and Orbitz that will include frequent flyer program numbers, seat location and preference, meal preferences or restrictions, etc.
  • Research restaurants / Make restaurant reservations
  • Make certain travel documents are up-to-date
  • Book meeting rooms
  • Registration for conferences, meetings, events etc.

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