Time Is Money

Posted on Apr 16, 2012 in Blog

Time IS Money – But wait…what about “me” time?

virtual-dawn-fort-worth-virtual-assistantAs one could imagine, I’ve attended my share of networking events while building my business.  I’ve had the honor to swap stories, exchange ideas, brain storm and laugh with other brilliant people in business. When talking about the struggles within their companies, I’ve noticed a trend, “Not enough hours in the day”.  If you’re a business owner, an employee, a mother, a husband, ANYONE, you can relate to this! I’ve offered helpful tips, give any advice I can come up with, and refer to people I know and trust.  Some people say it’s all about time management, and while that plays a big part, I think there is more to it.

We all know that time is money, but what happened to family time, and “me” time?  The average American spends less time with their families now than they did 50 years ago that’s for sure!  Virtual Assistants really do give their clients back that lost time.  It takes trust on both ends, but in the end everybody wins!  The kids get their dad back on the weekends, tossing the ball around.  The husbands get their wives back after a long day of juggling their own duties.  We as VA’s give you those moments back, while taking care of the pile of your “I’ll get to it tomorrow’s”.

Businesses everywhere are tapping into this growing trend of Virtual Assistants, and for good reason.  All smart businesses, big or small, know that important saying: time is money and money is time.  So delegating some of the work to another capable human is the smartest way to go!  Give a little away, and get a lot of your time back!  It’s simple really, and thanks to the advances in communication and technology, it’s easy too!  My humble opinion is to live your dream and love your life, don’t drown in a whirlpool of “to-do’s”.  Let a Virtual Assistant help you grow your business and your life at home!  The time spent on finding a great VA is nothing compared to the time he or she will give back to you!  Happy growing!

One Response to “Time Is Money”

  1. Judy Bradt says:

    What great advice! Thanks, Dawn! I know that I’d be more than drowning: I’d long since have gone down for the third time without you. I cherish your support — you helped my business double in size last year. How many Virtual Assistants can say THAT?