The Summer Boom

Posted on Jun 11, 2012 in Using a VA

With the summer season in full swing, I can’t help but think, how does the season affect local businesses?  For some, it’s their big revenue season; they’ve got the potential to make a LOT of money in a short few months.  For others it is the “slower” season, where budgeting is a must to make ends meet.  Local snow cone huts, water parks, amusement parks all seem to love the summer boom!  In my line of work, I see the benefit to both the busy summer businesses, and the less busy.  With the busier ones, help is definitely needed to make sure the business stays running smoothly during the summer. Snow cone huts for example, have a lot of cash flow in a short amount of time, usually with only one or two people working in the hut.  Their overheads usually aren’t much, as they’re in a small work space, with just a few ingredients and a snow cone maker.  The dynamic at these places is always a hussle and bussle, but everyone leave with an icy delicious treat.  I could see how these two or three employees could get overwhelmed when their line is wrapped around the building!  The delegation of work to the few employees seems simple enough, but go beyond that.  Think about when the OPEN sign is off, and the owner is left with change, cash and a whole lot of it.  To keep cost down, the owner may be averse to hiring another person, to help with the business side.  That’s where someone like me comes in. Virtual Assistants are perfect for this very situation.  A short span of work, no long commitment, no employer responsibilities like health insurance, time off, and best of all someone who doesn’t HAVE to be on site to handle the inter office details.

A Virtual Assistant can swoop in when needed and reconcile, make reports, keep up with the schedule or just about anything YOU the employer can come up with.  The other hand is the slower businesses.  They also need the perks of having a VA!  It’s slower, bills are due, and employees want time off, but YOU as the owner cannot afford to hire anyone else to cover their shift.  I may sound like a broken record, but Virtual Assistants are the answer.  The slower season, still needs to hard work to maintain the reputation of a business.  Delegating work to an offsite, fully capable VA is the best option for this situation.  We as Virtual Assistants have know how, the organizational skills AND the want to help all businesses out, no matter what situation.  My favorite part about summer, isn’t just the snow cone huts opening, it’s seeing these smaller businesses thrive in such a short amount of time.  We are all in this together!  So support your local businesses this summer, and maybe you’ll see them in your shop in the fall!  Happy summer!

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