The Sun is Shining but the E-mails Need Mailing!

Posted on Jul 23, 2012 in Blog, Using a VA

email service virtual dawn fort worthWhile the days seem longer this time of year, most business owners can’t seem to find the extra hours in the day! Outside the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, but in the business world, faxes are faxing, phones are ringing and deadlines are nearing! Whether your business picks up during this season, or slows down more than you’d like, there is still so much to do!

I’ve found that when my clients delegate their ever-pressing projects to me, a sense of peace washes over them, no matter what the situation. Knowing there is someone you can call on and trust as a partner in your business’s success is something most can’t put a price on! Some business owners may not see the daily tasks as “too much” for them to handle, which may be true. I’ve found even the simplest of tasks, such as email management, can take up hours of one’s time, and as I’ve said before time IS money.

How would a VA help manage this without physically being there you may ask? Simple. I have the ability to access and manage your e-mail communications remotely. If you’re using a web-based e-mail application like Gmail by Google I can keep up with your e-mail correspondence from any location with an Internet connection using your username and password. If your e-mail is handled using a local e-mail client like Outlook, Virtual Dawn uses a system called LogMeIn. LogMeIn is a system that gives the flexibility to access and control computers from any location. Once connected to your computer, Virtual Dawn will handle your e-mail the same as if I was sitting at the same computer terminal. With LogMeIn I can manage clients all over the United States and Canada. Using this simple system, not only can I respond to and organize your emails, I can also process your non-deliverable email notifications, send your emails, campaigns, and mail merges AND monitor your emails when you are away from the office!

In this electronic world we live in, this service alone WILL give any business owner precious time back! The time spent on filtering through spam, looking for that’s client’s information or replying to potential vendors adds up quickly! Next time you login, you’ll notice that the clock turns much faster when you’re caught up in the world of electronic mail. There IS help! Working with Virtual Dawn ensures your business success AND your peace of mind. What two things could complement each other better?

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  1. I’m an addicted user of Dawn’s amazing skills! Call me a believer!