NO Juggling Needed!

Posted on May 14, 2012 in Blog, Using a VA

Women in general wear multiple hats; let’s face it they’re everyday super heroes. Women often run the household, play taxi for the kids, cook, clean, tend to their significant other and sometimes work on top of everything! They can easily get buried under all these duties and forget about “me” time. Any woman reading this is nodding her head in agreement! My applause goes to all these modern day super heroes. If you’re one of these, and you do run a small business, or work for a small business, I’m preaching to the choir. You’ve mastered the art of juggling 80 things at once, and making it look easy! BUT…when is it too much to do alone? When do you ask for help? Or do you even dare ask for help? Sadly, more often than not, you don’t ask for help, and continue to be buried.

As I’ve mentioned before, I attend my share of networking events with women in business, and have had the opportunity to ask the question we all wonder: Why not ask for help? Many “answers” are given, but the theme of them all is relinquishing control. Women tend to do it themselves if they want it done right, and the thought of someone else doing it right is foreign. We are programmed this way; we have our slogan “We CAN do it!”. Truth is, just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it alone. Finding a Virtual Assistant that you not only connect with, but TRUST to represent you and your company seems almost impossible. It’s not! The constant growth of small businesses makes for the constant need for Virtual Assistants. It’s not a scam, it’s not a ploy to get your money, it’s a partnership. There are men and women at your disposal that can help! Women in business, you deserve your “me time” back! Take off your hats for a bit, and breathe in what you’ve built for yourself and your family! It’s only fair to you all to take some time to enjoy what you’re worked so hard for. There are plenty of tasks you really don’t need to spend your time doing, which could be handled perfectly by a VA. Virtual Assistants offer you the help you need, but at the rate you BOTH can agree on. No successful business made it alone, there were many hands in the success! This is the same for all of our courageous, talented, genius women in business! Take that first bold step to getting back to what is important, search for Virtual Assistants, you’ll find the one. NO juggling needed!

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