Contact Management


virtual-dawn-database-managementCreating and maintaining a solid and clean database of your contacts is a crucial part of your business. It tracks all of your contacts, your correspondence with them, and important details like account information, payment terms, etc. Virtual Dawn works with a variety of CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management software) such as Sage ACT! to help you keep on top of your contacts. Most CRM’s are cloud-based platforms designed to keep you prepared for all of your customer interactions. When Virtual Dawn manages your CRM you’ll have quick access to all the information for each customer in the system – including: recent emails, meeting notes, task reminders, social media profiles, and more. For clients who can manage with a less detailed database, Virtual Dawn uses Microsoft Excel; a spreadsheet application sold as part of Microsoft Office. It organizes data in a series of rows and columns. Excel data can be sorted, formatted for multiple applications, and displayed as graphs, charts, or text.

If you’re using a traditional CRM Virtual Dawn will:

  • Add, edit, update, and delete your contacts
  • Maintain the integrity of your database
  • Search your database to eliminate duplicate contacts
  • Create and maintain contact groups to segment your contacts
  • Edit Criteria Rules of Groups
  • Add notes and details to your contact’s profile
  • Create and run queries to meet your required criteria
  • Create, customize and export information to Microsoft Excel
  • Create your mail merge templates
  • Create your mail merge documents
  • Sync contacts to your e-newsletters and groups
  • Manage drip campaigns
  • Perform research for list creation
  • Run contact reports
  • Additional data entry

If you’re using Excel Virtual Dawn will:

  • Create column headings and formatting for your database
  • Add, edit, and delete contacts, rows or columns
  • Maintain integrity of your database
  • Sort your database to give you the relevant information you need for each use of your database

If you don’t have a CRM system in place, I will recommend one that works with your specific needs and capabilities.

emailAs a Virtual Assistant, Virtual Dawn has the ability to access and manage your e-mail communications remotely. If you’re using a web-based e-mail application like Google’s gmail I can keep up with your e-mail correspondence from any location with an Internet connection using your username and password. If your e-mail is handled using a local e-mail client like Outlook, Virtual Dawn uses a system called LogMeIn. LogMeIn is a system that gives the flexibility to access and control computers from any location. Once connected to your computer, Virtual Dawn will handle your e-mail the same as if I was sitting at the same computer terminal. With LogMeIn Virtual Dawn can manage clients all over the United States and Canada.

By connecting through LogMeIn or web-based e-mail, Virtual Dawn will:

  • Respond to and organize your emails
  • Process your non-deliverable email notifications
  • Send your emails, campaigns, and mail merges
  • Monitor your emails when you are away from the office
  • Sync your emails with your CRM
newslettersA newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that provides useful information to its subscribers. Electronic newsletters can be delivered electronically via email with an e-mail service. Vertical Response, Constant Contact and MailChimp are examples of these web-based programs used to create electronic newsletter. Using one of these services allows you to connect your electronic newsletters to your social media pages; increasing your online presence. Tying these pieces together helps to build stronger business relationships.

What Virtual Dawn can do for you:

  • Choose/suggest your newsletter template
  • Upload your graphics
  • Drop in your graphics and text
  • Update/maintain your mailing database
  • Add groups and segment your marketing list
  • Proof, edit, and schedule your newsletters
  • Manage your bounced contacts and incorrect e-mail addresses
  • Sync newsletters and segmented groups to your CRM
  • Provide you with your newsletter analytics

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