Compatibility is Key to Working with a Virtual Assistant

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 in Blog, Using a VA

In the 7 years of working as a Virtual Assistant, I’ve had a multitude of opportunities to do some awesome work for my various clients.  As I’ve grown my business, I’ve stuck to a very basic, yet often forgotten idea: “My success depends upon your success, which is why I always give you my best.”  Often times a client may be hesitant to give up the control of a daunting project, even though they know they’ll never get to it in time. When they finally “find the time” to get to it, they’re so frazzled that often the project isn’t completed with the detail and care it needed.  Now comes the obvious question, why do this to yourself if there really is help out there?  The Harvard Business Journal article identifies two critical factors that will determine the success of using an assistant. First, executives must be willing to delegate work – even if it’s work that they are perfectly comfortable doing on their own.  Second, assistants must be willing to stretch beyond their comfort zone and seek new responsibilities.  In particular, many lawyers have difficulty passing work on to others and prefer to exercise full control.

My advice to anyone considering a Virtual Assistant is to not only hire one that you’re completely comfortable with, but also one that can keep up with your communication type.  Know your communication style and be open about it with your potential Virtual Assistants.  Good communication between an employer and an employee is imperative for both parties to be successful!  Like any successful relationship, the two parties must be compatible to some degree.  Don’t jus hire the first VA you come across; take the time to find “the one”.  Happy hunting and great success to you both!

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